4 Factors to Consider When Choosing A Home Security Camera

The demand for home security is on the rise. However, most individuals tend to shy off since they think getting a high-quality camera is expensive. So, what factors should you consider when choosing the camera that will suit your needs best?

  1. Does it detect action?


The whole idea of a security system is to prevent breaching. You should go for a camera that detects motion, or even sound. Cameras now have a pet-mode, which eliminates recording of your pet moving around.

  1. Can you access the camera from your phone?


What happens when a friend or relative comes by, and you aren’t available? You should opt for a security camera that is versatile. It should comply with commands sent from your phone when need be. Choose a camera that gives you ultimate control no matter the location.

  1. Does the camera have custom alerts?

What would be the essence of a security system if you find out from neighbors that your house has been robbed? Pick a camera that provides you with an ability to notify you by text or email whenever a sensor is triggered.

Your camera should provide the information in real time and alert authorities when the crime is taking place.

  1. Battery Backup


If you settle for a hard-wired camera, you are likely to get disappointed when the power is down. Robbers are aware of this and take advantage of blackouts. No one wants to be a victim of this. Therefore, choose a camera which automatically switches to battery whenever the power goes out.

Final Thoughts

Other factors to consider include tilt and pan- a camera that can move based on a command. Also, check the storage of the camera and ensure that the camera is capable of storing recorded videos. Lastly, settle for a 2-way sound camera, one with a chat function. Just choose the one which suits your needs best.


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